December 5, 2016
January 23, 2017
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Pins on a map marking various destinations

In any business, you should know your destination. This basically refers to the direction you would like your business to take. As it is still early in the year, this is the strategic time to plan on how you will reach your ‘destination’ by the time the year ends. One important question you should ask yourself is “What is my route to get there?” Look at this exercise as you would the simple act of getting directions to a place on the Google Maps app. The first step is always to enter in the app where it is you want to go. After this, the app asks you where you are so that it shows you the route to use. As you set your business’ destination, also look at where you are in your business in terms of client base and profits so that you set higher goals.

Your destination could be more clients or an increase in your businesses’ annual turnover. The simplest way to do this is to target ideal clients. In your business, you should only target the people who you can impact and get breakthroughs. If you waste your time with clients who are not ideal, you will waste away additional resources like energy.

Always look for people who are ready NOW. Commitment propels someone and that is why giving offers with deadlines often work. You should target people with people who are eager for a solution, searching for it and willing to equally invest in it.


Commitment propels action

As you set your destination, you should set clear targets. Being vague will not lead to satisfactory results. If you want an increase in clients, say it with a number in a statement such as, ‘I want my events company to get 150 clients by the end of the year’. Your mind will automatically set itself to surpass the 150 client goal set and you will find yourself looking for ideal clients in order to reach your goal. If the target is monetary, also define the figure. State the exact annual turnover you may want (Ksh 7 million for example) and work towards it.

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