October 4, 2016
October 7, 2016
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dream-factsLiving your dream before you even accomplish it brings you closer to realizing it. How is this done you may ask? Simply by ‘faking it till you make it’ The mind is a very powerful tool and once conditioned to think in a particular way, can influence you achieving your dream. The tips below can help you live your dream.

  1. Step into your dream daily

You should always live your dream in your mind on a daily basis. This involves ‘playing pretend’ for at least 5 minutes everyday. Would you like to speak in front of a sold out stadium? Pretend you are addressing crowds even if what you are speaking to is your living room furniture. Practice your Grammy Awards acceptance speech for music album of the year in front of your mirror if your dream is to be an award-winning musician. Practice and pretend as much as you can.

2. Go visual3075a9668ae265cd138bc07bb5abecc7_large

A picture is worth 1000 words. Make pictures of what you want to achieve and put them around you. You can create a digital vision board. This may involve putting images of your dreams as your phone wallpaper, computer screen saver or on your bedroom wall.

3. Go for new experiences

New experiences open up your mind. Travel more often, get out of your comfort zone and attend unique events you would never even think of attending in the first place. New experiences will allow you to gain more confidence and enthusiasm for your dreams. The way to live your dream is to start trusting yourself. Take bold steps.

I dream big concept

4. Be in a community of like-minded people

The people who you surround yourself with greatly influence your mind-set. Always being around pessimists is bound to affect even the most optimistic of personalities. When on the journey of launching your dream, ensure that you are in a community of others who are also in the process of launching their dreams. Shared experiences will empower you with knowledge and make you feel that you are not alone. This community will also encourage you to keep going even when times may seem hard.


A matrix of events happens when you do these things. You have to be in action and always follow your passion.

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