October 3, 2016
October 7, 2016
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dream Have you had a dream for a long time but just have no idea how to launch it? Your dream could be to open your own coffee shop, write your own book or even release a best-selling music album. There is no dream that is too big or impossible to achieve. What makes many people fail to launch their dream is lacking the right formula to do so.

You should never ever forget your dreams. How your dream comes to be is related to how you are. This means that your personal characteristics play a big part in how close you will be to achieving your dreams.  You should be of strong character and able to overcome any challenges that you will face.

The formula to lead you to launching your dreams is very simple. The formula can be summarized in these letters, T.E.A.M.S, which stands for:

Time Energy Attention Money Space

An explanation about each of these terms is as follows:

1. Time

Rome was not built in a day. This means that all things take time. Achieving a dream cannot be hurried because this will bear results that are not satisfactory. You should understand that you need to be realistic with the time frames that you set.

2. Energy

You should always be full of energy in order to reach the destination of realizing your dreams. The road will be bumpy but that does not mean that you should reduce your energy levels. Consistency will have great results. Keep at it and improve yourself in order to reach your dream.

3. Attention


A vision board

You need to constantly pay attention to your dream. Nurture it and keep it alive. You can do this by creating a vision board or dream boards. Vision boards are a physical representation of your dreams. You place your dreams and inspiring messages or images on a large board in order to continually motivate you. These will remind you about your dream. You must have an intention. Pay attention to your intention with no tension.

4. Money

Money is a resource you will need to reach your dream. You will need money to pay for a recording session if you want to be a singer. You will need money to start a business if your dream has always been to be your own boss. It is for this reason that it is okay to work for a while in order to get the money to fuel your dream.

5. Space

You need to make space for your dream. You can create space for this in your mind and also physically. Fr guidance on this, you can take part in a challenge to help you declutter and change your life in 30 days. Details on how to sign up for this challenge are available here




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