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Lydiah Wairimu attending an event, educating people on wellness.

Lilies are one of the most loved kind of flowers because of their extended season of bloom and graceful stature. It is for this reason that Lydiah Wairimu chose this flower to inspire her business’ name. Lydiah Wairimu Maina is a healthy living mentor and a wellness coach at Lylyies Pearl Ventures. Her passion for promoting healthy lifestyles among people started out in her career as a nurse. She realized that there was a knowledge gap among Kenyans when it came to healthcare and decided to act on filling this gap. “I found out people thought hospital medicine and diagnostic tests made them feel better which is not true,” she recalls. What may have been common knowledge to her as a nurse seemed unknown to many.  She felt the need to help inform the public of ways they can improve their health. These were simple lessons like urging people to increase water intake, exercise, eat a balanced diet and the right portions of food laying emphasis on fruits and vegetables.

After leaving employment, she sat down with her mentor and was able to lay down a strategy on rolling out the program. This was over a year ago as she has been in business for 1 year and 6 months.


Lydiah Wairimu attending an event, educating people on wellness.

Lylyies Pearl Ventures

Through her business, Lydiah makes wellness practical by providing health solutions to individuals, families, and organizations. “We aim to promote healthy lifestyles to prevent and manage lifestyle conditions in the long run,” said the healthy living mentor. Her company also offers lifestyle management programs. According to the World Obesity Organisation, 13.7% of Kenyan women are overweight whereas only 4.3% of Kenyan men are overweight (2015).  “Given the importance of obesity as driver of chronic disease risk and health care cost, interventions on nutrition, weight, and fitness are offered,” explained Lydiah. Also available are programs to address substance abuse and manage stress.

Business setbacks
It was not a bed of roses as Lydiah decided to leave formal employment. She faced negative criticism from people closest to her but stayed strong. Her friends and family felt like she was wasting her career by not looking for employment. Looking for business was also a challenge for her in the beginning. She chose to build her business knowledge and networks in order to overcome this by interacting frequently with them. “Other business people and how they do business especially the service industry has been very helpful,” she said

Harnessing her Brilliance 

Lydiah enrolled for the Harness your brilliance course at PassionBiz Academy and learnt numerous business lessons.The course assisted her to gain clarity especially on the solution she was offering and the problem she was solving for her clients. “The course helped me understand it takes years for you to evolve, try, fail, give up, start again, grow, gather and develop all that it needs to manifest,” she explained.
In the class, students shared achievements and shortcoming they experienced since their last class session. Lydiah applauded this safe space for being a great reassurance point when in doubt. “Accountability is core in the course as there is a safe space to share and the most important is knowing you are not alone,” she said.


Lydiah Wairimu attending an event, educating people on wellness.

The future of Lylyies Pearl Ventures

Lydiah aims to be a solution to so many persons in the country by empowering employees to obtain their best possible health. She also aims to aid the reduction of preventable healthcare costs for both employees and their employers. “I seek to provide a supportive work environment that promotes the health and well-being of its employees,” she said.
She wants to commit  resources to foster awareness about personal health and build a supportive workplace environment that encourages and motivates employees to make a healthy choice and take health actions.

Parting shot
Throughout her business journey, Lydiah has realized on her own that the journey is not easy but with belief it’s possible. She urged other who want to emulate her business venture to go right ahead as she has seen it bear fruit. “It’s a business worth venturing into as health is the ultimate wealth all human beings aspire to have. There is an ideal market and client for everyone so join the sailing ship,” she concluded

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