September 19, 2016
September 28, 2016
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You have many business opportunities around you

When starting up a business or looking for additional sources of income, you are often told to follow your passion. However, not all opportunities are passion driven. Think of it in this way, if you were running late for a job interview and waiting for a matatu, would you decline to enter the next matatu that comes just because it looks a bit old and uncomfortable? It is highly unlikely that you will pass the opportunity to get a vehicle that will get you to your interview on time. You will enter the vehicle despite the fact that you would rather board another vehicle. The same analogy applies to business opportunities. You should not pass the opportunity to start another business because it is something you are not entirely passionate about or love.

In an ideal scenario when thinking about starting a business, you would consider your passion, an existing problem you want to solve and a group of people to serve. You opt to combine these factors to solve a burning problem for a group of people. In another scenario that is less common, you find that you have only two out of these three factors i.e an existing problem you know how to solve and a group of people to serve. What is lacking in the second scenario is passion. The illustrations below explain these two scenarios:

                                   Scenario 1                                                Scenario 2

The red part in Scenario 2 is called ‘taxi business’. It is likened to a taxi business that brings you in money . If people are happily paying you well to provide them with taxi services, you will not let the opportunity pass by. You will gladly continue to give them these services even if you are not passionate about it. This is essentially common for side hustle businesses.

You can watch more about this in the video below:



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