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Tabitha Mwai, Director – Digital Scroll Media

In this day and age, one cannot ignore the power of social media. Even companies once thought to be traditional in their marketing methods have adopted social media marketing strategies. Tabitha Mwai a director at Digital Scroll Media, earns a living from digital media. She is a writer, blogger, digital media consultant and trainer.

Close to 6 years ago, Tabitha opted to do online freelance work even as she was employed. As practice makes perfect, she sharpened her writing and digital media skills. “I felt that I was able to do more but given that I was employed there is very little I could do,’ she recalls.
 She was extremely passionate about creating positive local content but lacked the freedom to follow her dream. The idea of Digital Scroll Media was born from this urge for freedom. “I started Digital Scroll to create real Kenyan stories and share them online as well as on the mainstream media. Another reason was to raise a generation of writers that will come up with quality positive local content,” she said

Her company offers digital media training, social media campaigns, social media audits, online event promotion & coordination. Other services offered include email & newsletter marketing services and professional writing i.e. proposals, speeches, creative writing


Tabitha Mwai, Director – Digital Scroll Media

Challenges encountered

Digital media is still a new concept to many and this has proved as a major challenge for Tabitha in running her business. “Many people do not understand the field of digital media and content generation hence they under value what I do,” said Tabitha. Instead of wallowing in despair, she faced this challenge bravely by embracing it as an opportunity to further educate people on the topic.

Experience at PassionBiz Academy

Tabitha was part of the Harness Your Brilliance course at PassionBiz Academy and said that the course helped her to build confidence within herself. “Initially I was afraid of going at it (business) alone because of the financial insecurity but I have learned to trust in my own magic, follow my passion and do my best,” she said

From the course, she learnt how to properly package her products & services and to connect with the correct clients versus appealing to the public. “Now I know that not everybody will be my client and that is very fine with me,” said Tabitha confidently.


Tabitha Mwai speaking at a Pillars of Africa youth event at Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi

She is currently part of the Clients and Cash Flow Mastery class at the same academy. The course is teaching  her to challenge herself and abandon her comfort zone as her business continues to grow.

Future plans

Tabitha aims for Digital Scroll Media to be across Africa. She aims to give African stories a louder voice and platform. “In doing this, I hope to have more young people embracing digital media and using it to share their stories,’ she concluded.


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