September 8, 2016
September 19, 2016
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A bar of gold

Gold is a very precious metal. It is a symbol of wealth, success and prestige. Did you know that you also have a ‘goldmine’? You possess a goldmine that can bring you riches beyond your imagination. This goldmine can also bring you happiness, fulfillment. Are you wondering what your goldmine is? The suggestions below can act as a guide in answering this question.

Goldmine 1: The idea that never goes away

If you find yourself in a situation whereby there is a business idea that incessantly crosses your mind, that is your goldmine. This is an idea that you can reap heavily from because you believe that you can succeed once you start it. The thing to do is to stop thinking and get into action. You will remain uneasy if you keep wondering ‘What if I started this idea’. ‘What if my friends mock this idea’. Negative thoughts should not keep you from bringing your idea into action.

Goldmine 2: The natural talent that you have

your-purpose-is-in-your-dna-distinct-natural-abilitiesYou can make money from your talent! Many people earn a living from talents such as singing, painting, photography and others. You may feel too under-qualified to start earning from your talent because you did not study it in school but this should not hold you back. There are many photographers today who have studios and booming businesses despite not having a degree in the art. You have a distinct natural ability that can earn you money easily.

Goldmine 3: Your passion

What you are passionate about will open the door for opportunity. Your passion for teaching can be your goldmine. You can start a school or train people because you love teaching and get money from this. It will give you fulfillment as well as help you in getting food on the table.

 Goldmine 4: An existing problem you have seen that nobody is solving

Your goldmine is in the gaps you see around you. You may have noticed an obvious problem that you can easily solve yet this same problem may not be so easy to solve for somebody else. It is upon you to reach for the moment and maximize the opportunity. All you have to do is believe in yourself, your vision, your dream and go for it!

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