Are You Structural and Disciplined in your business?

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July 13, 2018
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July 17, 2018
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Are You Structural and Disciplined in your business?

By Hellen Orwa(PassionBiz Intern)

Being structural and disciplined doesn’t mean creating stiff rules but rather providing frameworks and boundaries that help your clients to know how you operate.

Before you offer your services,believe that you are the best service provider and that people are supposed to come and get your services at your work place and pay for them as well.Clients would always wish to get the best services, as a service provider avoid giving the whole content of your services to people at any time and anywhere but rather develop a behavior where your services are offered to a specific limit and within your area of operation.

Having clear structure and discipline will help you create a clear roadmap and guidesports for how things are expected to be done.If you are a service provider struggling to have clear structure and discipline and you feel that this problem is setting you back,there is a solution for for.James Karundu will take you through Harness Your Brilliance course and help  you turn your business to success.

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