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July 10, 2018
You Are Not Alone
July 12, 2018
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Harness Your Brilliance now

By Hellen Orwa (PassionBiz Intern)

The global entrepreneurship monitor released this year found that entrepreneurial activities globally is 10% for women and in the sub-Saharan Africa recorded the highest with 25.9% .

Through  quality  mentorship at PassionBiz Academy, a good number of women have become successful stories and now transforming the lives of other people.You can also do it,it doesn’t matter how long you have been stuck,there is hope for you.

Get the right mentorship if you are an upcoming woman entrepreneur who is passionate,having big vision and ready to be transformed. James Karundu will take you through Harness Your Brilliance Course that will activate your potential.Call now on 0722625329 and learn how to develop your potential.


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