How to succeed in the service industry (highlights)

PassionBiz Alumni (Betty Mwaura)
June 19, 2018
Harness Your Brilliance season 52 in session.
June 28, 2018
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How to succeed in the service industry (highlights)

In every service that  one provides,success is paramount and each service provider is bound to get a breakthrough as a result of the angle you take when doing daily services.

This year ,James Karundu highlighted about key issues that a service provider should check into while offering services. These key issues are affirmation to a better destination for any trailblazer.They include:

Trends and Opportunities–  Any service provider should understand that we live in a moment where people have the appetite of getting the best and nothing else.Understanding that technology is on the rise and without it,its not easy to cope up,may include phones.Also understanding the best target group to work with,for instance women mean a lot  in the industry and if not targeted then you miss by a mile.

Identifying mistakes and looking for solution -Getting to understand that every mistake has a solution is important  and  can help one make further steps and achieve the best.Many service providers do common mistakes and fail to learn from them ,failure identify and correct mistakes may contribute much to a downfall of your services.

Roadmap  -Just to mention few

-Confidence Passion and Elegance  can make you move far.Be yourself ,Do your thing,Do it your way.

-Be a specialist and produce the best out of you,that which can sell to the world.

-Target the best client because they exist.

-Making your message clear and create an effect.



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