August 22, 2016
September 5, 2016
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Success is always around the corner, always hidden in plain sightClueless about what business to start? Entrepreneurship opportunities are hidden in plain sight. There is no such thing as a crazy idea in the world of business. With the right guidance, an idea can flourish into a successful business. Businesses like Airbnb and Uber revolutionized the hospitality and transport industry respectively. Had their owners thought that their business ideas were too crazy to succeed, they would not be making the millions of dollars they are making today. If you are at the first step of trying to come up with a business, the three J’s below will guide you as you start the journey of entrepreneurship. They will enable you to be successful. The three J’s are Jiamini, Jitokeze and Jiinue. More is explained below:

1.Jiamini (believe your own magic)

Faith in yourself can make you do anything you put your mind to. Self doubt will make you postpone your great ideas and always be fearful. The world of business needs you to be tough because challenges will be faced along the way. Having low confidence will make you lose hope.

“Jiamini, jitokeze, jiinue” – James Karundu

 2. Jitokeze (take a bold step)

You cannot succeed when hidden. You must put yourself out there. You may fear feeling exposed and facing ridicule but this is normal. Once you have an idea you want to capitalize on, you have to take a bold step and moveEUGENE this from passion to a product or service. It is one thing to want to start an event planning business because you love organizing events and another task entirely to actually start it. You will want to see your dreams of starting a business come into actual shape and this will involve taking bold steps by getting capital to get it running, registering it officially, marketing the new business under the registered name and getting clients to serve.

3. Jiinue (uplift yourself)

Only you can uplift yourself. When uplifting yourself, you aim to improve yourself in all aspects. This may include bouncing back from the challenges you may face and changing strategy based on what you encounter. The road to success is not easy and you will fall down from time to time. It is up to you to decide whether to stay down or dust yourself off and move even further ahead in your journey.

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