August 8, 2016
August 10, 2016
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You have chosen to follow your dream. You took a bold step to venture into the world of business. You are finally your own boss. The only downside is that you are struggling to get clients for your just started business. Business owners in the early stages usually hope for numerous clients because this equates to increased profits. If you are in the position of getting few clients as a business owner, these factors below are probably the reason why:

  • You are timid and playing it safe

If you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again, you cannot expect different results. Give yourself the permission to succeed. Do not be afraid of trying new things that may bring in clients. Business involves risks and you should be willing to take up risks when necessary. You can change how you market your products or some of the selling points of your signature product to see what will bring improvement.

  • Perfectionism


Waiting for the perfect product will take too long. This wastes a lot of time. You should appreciate time as a very valuable resource. Instead of waiting for a product to be perfect, launch a prototype and improve along the way. In business, you will introduce new products and services as you grow. Waiting for your idea to be perfect before you launch it will take too long. You should trust that what you want to offer is a product ideal to bring even more clients to your business. Always reach out of your comfort zone to get new results.

  • Not targetting a profitable niche

As a small business owner, you should not target to serve everybody in the whole country. First, focus on a profitable niche. Get a product and become the best in the world at offering it. Targetting everybody is similar to throwing seeds everywhere hoping that some will fall on fertile ground. Focus on having a signature product that you will be associated with by everybody.

  • Hot pursuit

This means always chasing clients. You should not be desperate as a business owner. This wastes a lot of your energy. In the case of hot pursuit, it means that your clients are not ideal or are high maintenance. Time used chasing clients who will not pay off in the end can be used more productively to do other things.

  • You are not seen as an authority

You should always position yourself as an expert so that clients stop seeing you as a commodity. Positioning yourself as an expert in your field sets you apart and attracts more clients to you.

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