July 26, 2016
August 1, 2016
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There are various things that somebody can do to put them ahead of the pack when starting up a business. If you are already  in business, these tips will also help you to grow and expand:

  • Everything must have a promise. Your brand name should be a name with a promise. If you have a service named ‘Get your blog started’ you can add the promise ‘within 90 days’. This last phrase acts as the promise that will entice people to enroll for the course and increase your accountability. The promise is usually in relation to the end result. You must move from passion to a product or a service with a name and with a promise.


  • Target ideal customers. Always target a motivated market. The reason your business may not be flourishing is because you are not targeting people who are motivated enough in their problem being solved. Deal with clients who have an urgent need to be served. People who are not ready to be served will be stubborn. The ones who are not motivated will come another day. To get something called MIB, (it stands for Money In the Bank), solve an urgent problem for somebody who wants it today. People also need help.


  • Have a positioning statement. This statement says who you are and what you do. As a business owner, you should always tailor your services to your clients needs. PassionBiz Academy’s statement is that we provide business mentoring for startups, service providers and etntrepreneurs. This clearly indicates what we do and our ideal clients.


  • Step out. Getting out of your comfort zone will bring more results. Your ideal client is waiting for you to step out. Approach not less than 10 people a week about your product or service. This will build your confidence and grow your network in ways unimaginable.



    Magnifying glass and paper in a combustion experiment

  • Focus. This point is best explained by using the analogy of a magnifying glass and a paper. On a hot day, if you put paper under a magnifying glass, it will combust. This only happens if you focus on the paper. Moving the magnifying glass or paper constantly will not bear the same results. The paper will not combust. Your business may not be growing because you are not focussing long enough. By focusing, you will be sharpening and improving your skills.



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